Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fall/Winter 2008 Sale

Well, we are back home now, and here are some pictures from the Fall/Winter Sale that we had in September. We were so pleased with the turn-out of "stuff" and shoppers for our first sale in our new town. As you can see, the living room was FULL, as well as our sunroom that was turned into the "toy" room. I will be updating my brochure for the Spring/Summer sale this week, and I will post the information from that ASAP.


  1. WOW!! that is alot of stuff for your first year!! I wish I could come when is it?

    I tried to call you 2 days ago but I must have the wrong number for you all.

  2. Hey, girl! The sale is this time is the first weekend in April. It is a lot of fun! Resend me your email address and I will send you my new phone #. Sorry - I accidentally deleted your email address.....

  3. I wish you were having this sale online as my daughter-in-law would be such a good customer. Say whe don't you think about that and I will let her know.

    Anyway I have a monthly giveaway on my blog go in and sign up for some fun.

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